Management software and collaboration software

What is software? And what is Management software?

Let’s start saying that without software it’s really difficult to manage something complex like a project or a work team. It’s really difficult to believe but someone asks me “what is software?“, i have to say it’s funny to ear something like that but if i stop for a second and try to realize i can understand that the IT niche is not for everyone, there’s people that works with paper, people that spends his working days at the phone and others who works with people in a shop so i had to reply to the funny question “what is software?

The answer, in a really simple way to explain, is : Software is an evolution of the old fashioned calculators that just made sums, divisions, subtractions and multiplications. The software can solve almost everything for you, so if you need to make automatic something you do manually, then you can ask a programmer to write a software for you, it’s like a robot that makes almost everything you need. Modern softwares are like personal assistants that can take track of your appointments, phone calls, money flow and more and more.

Management software

As said before, the software can do almost everything and it’s possible to find very good management software that helps to manage your staff, the tasks they have to do, the dates, the working flow, the objectives and the full project timeline. Actually if you have to manage a company or a team, then a management software is a must, it’s something you can’t exclude from your everyday work.
Managements software are available on the web in Open Source or commercial licenses.
In the latest years a lot of companies developed online management software so you can access it from everywhere. The online management software are provided in hosted license plans (where you can’t access source code) or in software license plans where you can buy the source code, modify it and host the management software on your own server.

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