Google War to link brokers

I have not been able to make less than to notice the recent decision of Google not to sell more Adwords spaces to website that sells links…
At first Google has kicked up a row much saying that the sale of links altered the SERP quality and that therefore it would have made of all in order discouraging this type of activity. Although they had expressed their opinion to care, continued but it is made to pay, through AdWords, from the website that sold links… In turn for the world, all have criticized politics of Google saying that he was somewhat hypocritical. He was not coherent to speak badly about who sells links and at the same time it is made to pay from they for the sale through AdWords. Now Google has taken a decision, not to sell more AdWords spaces to who sells links, Now the speech becomes more coherent and they make also a beautiful figure us why people believe that they have voluntary lost their earnings to maintain clean search results. Tried to imagine what will happen now… The websites that sell links will not be easily caught up from who want to acquire them, only those in the first pages of search will have some chance… Obviously if the speech of Google is taken exactly, the links sold by these websites should have a value near to the zero since Google knows them… Result? The sale of the links has been practically defeated, at least until someone does not invent an alternative system that it not so evident and that therefore the value of the links succeeds to hold high. Moral of the fable, who acquired links now will have to acquire AdWords, therefore google leaved a small slice of market (sold links) but in exchange it will have behind many but many other slices of market from whichever field want. I adore Google, they’re geniuses, a real unlimited dollar machine. 

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