Link Building

Link Building is very important to get a good PageRank for your sites. I tried a lot of linking services but the links are placed in pages with thousands of other links and i never found them indexed on a search engine. When you have to buy a link you need to choose accurately the site providing this service. I found an interesting website that’s really young (no pagerank yet) but is well listed on the web so i think it will get a good pagerank soon (maybe 4 or 5). The site is and the link prices are really low, you can buy a link for 1$. The more you pay the higher is your position in the links list. If you pay more then one of the links in home page you’ll be listed in homepage. It’s a nice service and it’s really cheap… to try considering the price list of other sites selling links for more then 15$/month. On you pay just one time, not montly so it can be taken in consideration, it costs almost zero. I bought various links in different pages with different keywords, a rich 5$ expense :) nice thing.

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