SEO – The importance of website structure

The SEO acronym would have to make to understand what a SEO should do, Search Engine Optimization, that is working on a web site in order to optimize it so that the search engines find it more interesting than others. In order to understand what a SEO could do to make search engine take it in consideration we must understand which are their search engine criteria of appraisal and their parameters.

Fundamental aspects:

  • Web site Design
  • Home Page Structure
  • Links Structure
  • Differentiation of the pages
  • Contents

Web site design:
When we develope a website we must take in consideration the search engines optimization aspect. Many designs the graphical layout with photoshop, create slices for the push-buttons and then they generate HTML. This is the mistaken approach if your intention was to be first on search engines. When designing a web site it is fundamental to avoid the use of images as keys to link to the several sections of the site, many think that using the ALT TAG of the images (to supply a description for the image) the problem is resolved, creed also I that I am therefore but since world SEO is made of suppositions and not certains… Better to avoid and to go on sure using textual links that describe just which are the content of the page that will be visualized.
In design phase it is always preferibile to create a structure that allows to maintain in all the pages of the web site,  a common menu with links to the sections of greater interest of the site.

Structure of the Home Page:
The Home Page of a website would have to be lightweight, fast to load, with links to the several sections of the site and with not excessive amounts of information. Remembered that the SEO job is face to the placement on the search engines but to visit your site will be a person, than if he will find nice to see and immediate, he’ll click on several links. The Home Page does not have to be the page where the searches (for the terms will converge all that interest to you) from google or other motors, the search engine will have to land on the page that will contain really the contents that the user was searching. Trying to manipulate the Home Page in order to conver ALL the SEARCHES from keywords is not a good choice, first why you will have an immense Home Page, second why who will visit the site will not find immediatly what he searched, third party why you will be in order always enslaved of your Home Page, you will have immense difficulties when you decide to change the website structure. If your site will offer interesting contents and quality contents, the Home Page it will be the last of your problems, who will find your site interesting and decide to provide you a link he probably link your home page and not internal pages, so the home will always be the strongest page of your site.

Structure of the Links:
The links to the several sections are fundamental because they indicate to search engines where the content is. Many will remember old style of linking to the sections of the type WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE, WHAT WE DO… I wonder… Who will never find you on the search engines for key “WHO WE ARE”? A more logical and profitable solution for searches (also for the Home Page) would be that one to list to all the services offers SEO, ADVISING SEO, SEO COURSE… as an example etc… It’s important to link directly the several subsections of the website from the Home Page, is for an easy one uses from part of the visitors that in order to supply the just information to the search engines. When Google writes the webmaster guideline it does not make it why it wants to dictate law on the choices of the webmaster, simply it advises the better way in order to supply interesting websites and easily accessible from the search engines.

Differentiation of the pages:
The more common error of the webmaster is that one to use the same title of page (TAG TITLE) in all the pages of the website. You put yourselves in the cloth of Google, is like if it were found in front of a shelf of a bookcase but all the books have the same cover with the same title… Google will read all the books but it will never know what he has read , he will only understand  that a page exists but that it is named like all the other pages of that site. After the  TITLE TAG there’s the DESCRIPTION, one small textual description that says to the search engine what it would have to expect from the reading of the page (a short one reassumed) in this case too, never use the same description for all your website pages. In order to mean to us, the description of a page is visualized from google when we carry out of the searches (endured under the title it). These are basiliar things and could seem also stupid but in order to obtain of turn out to you serious must leave also from the small things.

After these small base informations, simple but fundamental, there’s the most important aspect, the contents. A website without GOOD contents risks to never obtain a good positioning on the search engines, there’s no SEO that could help. The more important part of the job is not for SEO but for customer writing good content, with a good publishing frequency and with some small sacrifice in rendering them more Friendly for Search Engines, even sacrificing a little the shape to favor of the positioning but without to exaggerate, the text will be read from your visitors and you should always present quality texts.
The search engines have the task to select the more interesting contents on the web and show them in order of importance to who searched, obviously their task is not easy at all. If your website have quality content you will not have need of some SEO, will be enough the listed lines guides of optimization over.

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