Asp.Net Panel and Internet Explorer 7

I developed an ecommerce web solution for my customers. I made it using Visual Studio .Net and the 2.0 Framework. When i developed it there wasn’t Internet Explorer 7 yet. It worked fine until Internet Explorer 7 was released. As long as users installed Explorer 7 the website become unutilisable because the new rendering routines clipped the panels to it’s height. With older versions of internet explorer the panel was resized to it’s content so there were no problems but with explorer 7 everything out of the height bounds is clipped. I had to work on each website page using panels. The remedy is very simple, just remove the height property of all the panels used in your website pages. If no height is provided then explorer 7 enlarge them showing all the content inside. It’s just a little question of rendering but i think that a lot of people encountered this panel clipping problem with explorer 7.

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